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You’ve had that bathroom suite for a long time – it’s started to look shabby, so what do you do? You call Bathroom Renovations Perth, of course! We are a long established firm and are dedicated to providing the best bathroom solutions. You might be thinking that it will be an expensive matter, but you’ll find that we can provide bathrooms for all budgets.

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We’re local!

We at Bathroom Renovation Perth are a local company, doing what we like best – providing excellent customer service to Perth and its surrounding areas. Because we’re local we have extensive knowledge of Perth, and are able to source the best quality materials from the most reliable suppliers.

What you can expect from Bathroom Renovation Perth

When you call us for a quote we will ascertain exactly what you want. Whether you’re pushing the boat out and want your bathroom to be full on Hollywood style, or want a simple no frills treatment, we will give you the best possible price. It’s the same if you want your bathroom to feature hi-tec accoutrements, or to have only a very simple suite. Call us for more information, or a no obligation quote.

Why choose Bathroom Renovation Perth?

We are a professional firm with highly trained staff. We know that we will be working in your personal space and consider it a matter of honour to take care of your home and your possessions. After doing a fantastic job for you we will take all debris away and leave it clean and tidy. The only reason that you’ll know we’ve been there is the presence of your attractive new bathroom!

Rest assured of our personal service. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

Bathroom Renovation Perth – we love trading here!

Perth people are great! We have received wonderful support and encouragement since we started trading in this city.

Give us a call – we’re waiting to hear from you!

Tips for choosing your Bathroom Renovation Perth contractor

  • One of the best ways to find a contractor is by personal recommendation. If this isn’t possible try the internet, as most contractors will have a site and often they’ll include testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • If the water supply and pipes will be affected the contractor will either have to be a qualified plumber or he will need to hire one, so it’s important to check.
  • Ensure that the contractor has all the required trade certificates and also a certificate of insurance.
  • Have a full and frank discussion with the contractor, so that he/she knows what you require. They should then give you a written quote, including materials and all fees.
  • Get several quotes to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

A 100% guarantee from Bathroom Renovation Perth

We at Bathroom Renovation Perth guarantee 100% satisfaction with our work. All fixtures and fittings are guaranteed too. We are confident that we will do a great job for you!

Don’t delay – call today!

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